I receive an email:

Blue Marble has been named Global Payroll Provider of the Year! I would love the chance to speak with about how that can help you.

Blue Marble has built a very unique product unifying global payroll while offering an API and SSO integration with Global HRIS’s.

Below are a few great things this brings you:….

I reply:


Don’t email me again.Forwarding your email to the FCC Spam Repository.

John emails me again:

Adam, it was a personal email that I sent to you, not spam.

John’s sales email about a payroll solution is a personal email sent to my work address? and what part of “don’t email me again” does John not understand? 

Good luck with your career in sales. 

Update: I wanted to add that I have made many posts over the years calling out solicitors. These people think they can blanket-email thousands of people without any recourse at all. While the FCC rarely doles out fines to individual companies or people, at the very least, I can pass on the annoyance I get when someone I never never met before invades my Inbox which to me is sacred space and heavily managed to sell things that have nothing to do with my job title. Why would I even need to hear about payroll solutions? John wasted my time which costs me and my company money. This is why I post these on the blog. 




Minutes Later from Tom Scaramellino CEO of TallyGo

Hey there,

I was just checking out your app and noticed it has a mapping component. Google and Mapbox just jacked their prices, so lots of folks are ticked off and looking for alternatives.

FWIW, we’ve got a mapping and turn-by-turn SDK for iOS, Android, and Web. Much less expensive and much easier to use than Google and even Mapbox, who also just raised their prices.

Doesn’t Tom know that I work for a mapping company?