May 21st, 10:35AM. Jason May ( writes:

Hey Adam,

My name is Jason, father of 2, sports lover and co-owner of, which is a passion project run by my wife and I, for all things sports related. 

I recently came across your website, which I really like, and I was wondering if you could put our link in your post ( ), for a reasonable fee?

I can pay straight away via paypal if you can send me an invoice.

My marketing budget is not big at all, but hopefully we can agree on an amount that makes it worthwhile for you to take a few minutes to add one more link to the article.

Have a great day and let me know if you have questions.


Jason May


I respond:

Hi Jason, while I appreciate the very personal email, I get a lot of requests for doing this and my blog isn’t a money-maker, it’s a hobby so I want to keep integrity of my efforts and not accept payment for links to other sites as opposed to things I link to more organically. 

Best of luck. 

May 24th, Jason responds:

Hey Adam,

I messaged you last week without a reply yet. Are you the right person to speak to about potential advertising? 

Looking forward hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


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For some reason, I respond again:

I replied to you last week. Please do not email me again. I will block you on my server from doing so if you email me again. 

Jason, May 28th at 10:42AM:

Hi Adam,

I’ve tried to contact you twice now without a reply. I hope all is well.

Please let me know if you are getting my messages.

Thank you!


Jason, I’ve blocked all emails from on my server. Stop using Memorial Day to spam people and go spend time with your kids. I’m busy marinating steak and mowing the lawn.