Blue Bottle doesn't do 2-day air anymore

Blue Bottle’s coffee club used to do 2-day Air USPS for all Coffee Subscriptions. It appears they now do ground shipping only yet they still charge the same amount. Meh. Bye Blue Bottle. Not going too support you guys anymore.

I vented my frustrations to Blue Bottle Support. Their response: 


Thanks for the suggestion! We do still use the same priority shipping that USPS has so that has changed. It looks like they’ve just changed how it’s listed however. I noticed on the tracking information it used to say Priority Mail 2-day shipping whereas it now just says Priority Mail.

We are actually working on shipping out a limited number of order from our New York roastery so that should be released before too long! Thanks again for the suggestions and please let me know if you have any other pieces of feedback.

I explained to them in an earlier response that my coffee went from arriving on Thursday to every Monday so clearly shipping is slower but they assured me that they still use priority shipping on all coffee orders. 

I’ve already ordered from Counter Culture and will do another order from Four Barrel next month and decide which bean I want to enjoy at home. If Blue Bottle ships out of NY in the future, I’ll reconsider.