★ News: “A walk through the new Alchemist brewery in Stowe”

via StoweToday:

Still, we’re talking Alchemist standards of bigness here. Out-of-staters thinking cans are going to start showing up on their shelves had better keep their travel plans to Vermont.

“This building looks big, but it really isn’t,” Jen Kimmich said. “When we talk about growth, we’re talking little bumps to meet local demand.”

So while the building is big, room is being reserved for the vats and tanks, valves and levers, steel and chrome to grow. The curve of the ceiling isn’t just soothing and evocative of the mountains around it; it’s there so the Alchemist can grow upward as needed.

I last visited the Alchemist (Cannery) in August of 2013 so nearly 2 years since they closed their doors to the public due to local traffic complaints. I’m really looking forward to going back. The last time I bought  a 4-pack of Heady was in August of 2014 (pictured below).

Heady Topper Line @ Hunger Mountain Co-Op

I’ve checked into Heady Topper 89 times on Untappd. It’s one of my top beers and I only got to have it half a dozen times in 2015. It’s really a bummer how little I’ve had it since late 2013 when I stopped seeking it out and just started to have it more organically (parties, tastings and the random shelfie 4-pack). 

I won’t go up to Alchemist on opening week but I will go up a few times this Summer to grab some Heady for those warm days. Congrats to the Alchemist team on their expansion!

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