Rants: Microsoft Excel is still Single-Threaded

Microsoft Excel 2015 for Mac, Single-Threaded Application

This is not a new topic on my blog.

Today, I’m trying to open, save and edit three documents that are each 50 megabytes in size. My MacBook Pro has 4 physical cores running at a base 2.6Ghz and 4 logical cores (via Intel Hyperthreading) yet Microsoft Excel still only uses one of those cores for its processes. We’ve had Core2Duo chips for 10 full years. I don’t understand why this is still a thing.

Note: on the screenshot above, applications that are multi-threaded will use over 100% because it’s each core so a video encoding process might use 800% CPU percentage. It’s juts how the iStatMenus developers chose to write their application. You’ll notice Excel using 100.1% but my system is 84% idea. 

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