Moving more bottles off-site

For nearly a year, I’ve been moving bottles of highly ageable beers to an off-site cellar that keeps at 45 in the winter and 55 in the summer. Other than a small window, it’s completely light-free and, until recently, I didn’t experience any mold but that has changed as I now see the bottom of a few bottles have mold on them. A minor setback but it’s not the end of the world as CO2 is heavier than O2 so permeation of mold ridden air into the bottles is highly unlikely. I will be covering all of the labels with clear packaging tape to eliminate any labels being unreadable after 5-10 years.

It’s really a perfect setup because it’s not my house so I can’t come and go as I please and it’s 35 minutes from my house so I can’t just pop in to grab a few bottles of Lambic. I’m paying for the space and it’s more of a business agreement. Mostly because I want a place locally where bottles are not disturbed but also because the temperature is constant.

Heather has 150 bottles of Saisons, Lambic and Champagne stored there and I have just over 200 stored pretty much all Lambic. It’s roughly half of my cellarable bottles with another 225 more Lambic bottles to be moved over the next year.Moving more bottles off-site