I haven’t enlisted the help of this readership in a while. I have a new client that needs a very specific activity taken up using online social networks. Here’s the high-level view:

  • Tool must support Twitter & Facebook at minimum and nice to have would be WordPress.com Google Alerts, YouTube, Reddit
  • Tool must allow unlimited searches (at least 100 search terms) that search each of the social networks above for posts (tweets, videos, blogs) that match any of the100 queries.
  • Tool must be cross-platform or web based
  • Nice to have would be group support (multiple logins, task management, escalation)
  • Nice to have would be metrics (how many results did the team receive and how many are taken up as an action / lead)

I started with Sprout because I’ve been a fan of their service for a while. They support Twitter & Facebook but they only allow for 5 search keywords which isn’t enough. Their team collaboration is pretty good though. Cyfe is another tool but the pane-view (think Tweetdeck) means a lot of scrolling and I’d like to see all search terms fed into one Inbox. Cyfe also lacks group collaboration tools. I have a few more candidates I’ll be using but I know most of these don’t have everything I want.

Any readers out there using a tool that covers these requirements?