New Kegerator

One of my friends and faithful blog readers, Matt mentioned that my post last year about building the new kegerator was inspiring enough that he wants to take it up as a Spring project but aside from listing a couple of things, I didn’t really list all of the parts needed. Indeed, that is a big oversight on my part so maybe it’s not a bad idea to do that. 

For those who missed it, here’s the build post where I did a fairly standard home-brew kit of converting a chest-freezer to a kegerator which gave me room for 4 serving kegs, 1 carbonating keg and some space for beers on top of the freezer condenser hump. 

Some of the parts used I already had from the previous kegerator setup that I bought second hand from a guy on Craigslist.

Because I’m lazy, I’m going to do this in 3 sections for the parts list:

Parts I listed in the 2014 Kegerator Build Post:

  1. Danby DCFM246WDD: 8.70 cu. ft. Chest Freezer
  2. Johnson Digital Temperature Controller Wired
  3. Perlick Stainless Creamer Faucet – Model 575
  4. Stainless Steel Beer Faucet Shank – 4″ x 1/4″ bore
  5. Deluxe Drip Tray – 13″ Wall Mount
  6. Bottle Opener – Starr Wall Mount
  7. SuperFlex Beverage Tubing (3/16″ ID) – By the Foot

Parts I ordered online but didn’t include in the Build Post:

  1. CO2 Regulator – Dual Body – Three Gauge
  2. Gas Manifold – 4 Way
  3. Hose/Tubing Clamp (Small)
  4. Rebuild Kit For Cornelius Kegs
  5. Gas Tubing Assembly
  6. Beverage Tubing (1/4′ ID) – By the Foot
  7. Ball Lock Beverage Out – Barb
  8. Draft Faucet Parts – Ball Washer
  9. Sanke Tap – Probe Washer
  10. Regulator Gasket
  11. Flare Fitting – 1/4″ Swivel Nut
  12. Flare Fitting – 1/4″ Barb
  13. 1/4″ Nut & 5/16 Barb
  14. Flare Fitting – 1/4 in. Swivel Nut Stainless Steel
  15. Flare Fitting – 1/4” Male Flare x 5/16” Barb

 For some of these parts, you have to multiple how many kegs you’ll have. So you’re going to need a gas line assembly x4 and barbs and flanges x4 if you have 4 Corny kegs on. Also ball lock versus pin-lock will make a difference in your parts.

My setup has 2 Sankey kegs and 2 Homebrew kegs so most of these things were just X2 to cover my needs and for things like Hose / Tubing Clamps, make sure you get enough for every beverage / gas connection to flange in your setup. 

3/6” tubing for beverage serving is ideal and other things like Gaskets you just have to know what to get with a little research. 

As for the 3rd section, really all that I took from my old kegerator setup was the kegs themselves and the Sankey connectors which came with the original setup. 

I think the total build cost to me for empty kegs, all parts above and wood, insulation, wood glue, etc came out to be right around $1,000. 

Areas you can skimp on….cheaper regulator, taps, shanks, do 2 kegs instead of 4, get a smaller fridge. those are all options so, in short my build was assuming that I wanted the best and I went for that. Your mileage may vary and this can be done for much cheaper. 

I wrote this blog out pretty fast after work but before dinner so I hope Matt and others find it interesting. I didn’t even proofread this one. Sorry!