Received this today:

Screen Shot 2014 12 15 at 12 52 13 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 15 at 12 52 20 PM

There are a lot of ways to sell these hard to get Bourbon and Rye bottles. You can do a lottery, raffle or offer them to your most loyal customers but what you shouldn’t do is jack up the price. I don’t care that Old Rip van Winkle 10 year goes for $300-$400 on the resale market. It’s a $40 wheated bourbon.

I guarantee you that if Crush bought these from the distributor, they paid wholesale. I bought this year’s ER17 and THH for $80 a piece from NH Liquor stores and I bought Pappy van Winkle 15 for $86. These prices are offensive and no one should support it or Crush. I certainly will take my champagne buying elsewhere.

Update: Looks like most of these are already sold out. Everyone has lost their mind.