The home network project is almost complete. It took quite a bit of work, a full weekend and I had to take a day off work to make the final progress to the core infrastructure. I still have to do a few more cable drops and finalize the setup of one more access point then we’re good to go.

Either way, I’m really happy with the setup so far even though it’s not complete, it is fully functional for my needs. Although, I am running a 30 foot ethernet cable across my living room / bedroom for the iMac, everything else is good to go. I took some photos of the setup:

Core setup, 12 U Rack mount + Cisco ISR 2811 + Cisco Gigabit Switch + Synology DS214 Play w/ 12 terabytes of storage, Cat 6 and other miscellaneous hardware detailed in the last post.

You can see the orb access point at the other side of the basement. It’s powered over ethernet which is great and really easy to manage (Unify Access Point)

Just some of the cabling, 4 cables going into the wall of the bedroom

Close up of the rack

Crappy cable management ( to be improved)

The other Unify access point.

Looking forward to more improvements over the coming weeks!