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Talk about a thank you coming WAY too late but I never really publicly thanked the people that kept my Flickr Pro account alive for so many years. So I’d like to link to their Flickr and thank them here on the blog. I renewed Flickr Pro for myself because even though I’m storing more things on my own private server, Flickr has a ton of great features that I want to keep alive. Also, I’m grandfathered in to a lower pricing with stats and other benefits that I want to keep. I’ve uploaded to Flickr over 16,000 photos equaling 700 Megabytes of data. I’m also 40,000 photo views away from my pictures being viewed 3 million times on the site. So awesome and it’s a service I think it’s best to keep paying for.

So special thanks to the following people for their contributions over the years.

Scott Russell – We worked together at Apple and he’s now a pro photographer.

Liana – One of my best friends and she’s now a world traveler professionally and is the most talented person I know.

Krystyl – One of the first people I met in San Francisco and she taught me you can invent jobs for yourself and actually pay the bills doing whatever it is you’re good at.

Matthew Thorn – He and his family have two adorable Boxer dogs and I’ve enjoyed interacting with him over the years although we’ve never met in person

Max Piz – He’s an Italian who loves America, Apple and Blues Brothers. An intelligent guy who always finds adventure no matter where he goes.

Thanks guys for supporting my photo hobbies over the last few years. I really appreciate it.