I was interviewed for a recent article about eBay and beer sales for Vermont brewers like Shaun Hill and Sean Lawson. I’ve been lucky to have been in a lot of phone interviews but in most of them I’m misquoted and it makes things worse. The author did a great job on this and got some great quotes from local brewers as well. 

Premium Hops – Vermont brewers applaud as eBay shuts down black market beer

I was joking with my GF that the image they used as the title image is a screen shot of eBay but, the center auction uses a photo of mine. I did send a DMCA notice to eBay which got that auction removed for the use of my photo. I actually don’t care that people use my photos for this. I just think it’s funny that my picture is on this blog but as a picture of a picture sort of angle. Good stuff.