I discovered this video today:

It takes one person to inspire others and to destroy everything. The fate of the world really is in our hands. I have a fast metabolism so, despite the fact that you can consider me overweight, I haven’t gained a pound in years. My weight at 270 pounds has remained constant mostly because I exercise and don’t’ eat at restaurants too often. My portions are huge but what I’m eating is not big like a burger with fries. However, my portions are big and I started weighing my food leading up to the fasting and detox being performed this month. My average plate of food is 1-2 pounds (minus the plate). I did some math and that works out to an average of 4.5 pounds per day of food which is roughly 31.5 pounds of food per week that I ingest. This is excluding snacks, protein shakes, beer and liquids. This is just what’s on my plate.

That’s absurd.

Starting Sunday, I reduced my weekly food intake to 0 pounds. I’m drinking vegetable juices which do count as food but in a different way. I’m drinking 6 juices at 1 pound per juice.That’s a lot of juice but most of it escapes via urine and nearly all of the nutrients are utilized. My carbon footprint really didn’t go down but I’m sure a few chickens were happy with my decision. We consume 20 billion chickens a year in the US so my 5 aren’t really that big of an impact and I made some local farmers very happy with the juice I drank.

What if we all switched our diets from the 60% Meat, 30% Dairy, 5% Starch and 4% Vegetables to 90% Veggies and only 10% of our nutrition arriving from Meat and Dairy? That’s quite an impact. Protein is vital but it doesn’t have to arrive all from meat. I can get protein from nuts and soybeans. It’s proven that if we switch our diet to 90% vegetables, obesity, depression, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases would drop significantly. Before adding exercise, the health of our world would sharply improve by switching to vegetables.

I love our animals and I respect our animals and I spend extra time and effort to ensure the meat I eat was given additional care but I’m not saying meat is murder (it is but you get the point). I’m just saying, beyond the animals, the actual fate of our society would shift if we simply shift our eating habits.

After 6 days of only eating vegetable juice, I don’t feel any different. I feel pretty great. My 2nd order of juice arrived today and I’ll continue my fast through Monday for a full 9 days without solids. To feel so great and have so much energy seems weird. I though my energy came from meat and solid foods? I feel great.

I’m not the only person doing this. There are more of us who are shifting our diets. Maybe you’re next?