As many of you know, I said my goodbye to Macworld Expo last year and I meant it. I didn’t speak a peep about it not because I thought Macworld was dead but simply because my focus had shifted and IDG didn’t do a great job convincing me to come back (not that they should have, i mean c’mon I’m just a dude with a blog). Anyway, my friend Victor who is an editor at TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) sent me a DM via Twitter before the show and asked if I could stop by their booth to say hi and do a quick video cast about my thoughts on this year’s show.

I picked up my free expo badge acquired almost a year ago after the 2009 show and spent 15 minutes cruising the show floor as fast as I could and talking to a few of my long time friends to see what their thoughts were regarding this year’s Macworld Expo. Then, at around 2PM PST I hopped on the stream with Victor and he whispered to me, “a few thousand people are watching.” Oh boy!

The video came out great aside from the obvious fact that I was severely nervous now that thousands were watching so my normally calm voice turned into a frightened teenager and I started talking very very fast. Either way, you can make out most of what I said.

Original Post (Via Video Below:

One more thing. I remember that the last time TUAW linked to my site was in 2007 when I was running DailyTechTalk. (link).