I’m still not convinced this actually happened but I don’t like being pinched so I should just pretend that San Francisco gave me an award and move on.

Last month, I was out in the Tenderloin taking photos (which you can see in this post) and as I snapped this photo, Michael Nulty of A Better District 6 (ABD6) stopped and said hello. He was making his daily walk of the district talking to citizens and businesses and he stopped to ask if I was going to the yearly award ceremony. I said that I saw the event on Facebook and marked as maybe because I might have other plans. He said, “well you should come because you’re getting an award.”

I went home and checked the event page and realized that I was getting a “safety award” for my work on AdamsBlock / OurBlock. The safety award is given out to a few residents each year and I’m going to assume it’s less than a dozen but could be more. The ABD6 meeting had 5 people earning the award for that district. I was one of them.

The safety award is detailed as the following:

“For your exceptional commitment to safety. Promoting solutions for the common good and bringing the neighborhood together to work as a community.”

I guess that sums up what AdamsBlock did if it was successful. I did stop create something that stopped a few crimes and saved a few lives but it wasn’t a unique enough concept to truly have a big impact. If it does turn into something big, it’s nice to know that SF did officially recognize it but it was more than me. I didn’t personally report crimes. Sure I gave my “witness testimony” when the cops showed up but it was the community who watched the cameras and reported the crimes.

Either way, it was exciting to be given an award at such a young age. I’m honored to represent those of you who reported crimes, supported me and those in office who voted for me to receive this award.

Receiving the SF Safety Award for District 6
Receiving the award
The San Francisco Safety Award
The Envelope...
The San Francisco Safety Award
The award...