Twitter is taking over the world. I just read this post from Robert Scoble that renewed my faith in the service and validated many of my previous thoughts on just how big it is getting not only in users but mindshare as well.

That old question of monetizing the service continues to come up so I’d like to say that I’m fully prepared to pay for Twitter even if it means that I have to trick them into thinking I’m a business. In my opinion, pro features intended for businesses will still be useful to us normal users. Here is a list of feature requests I personally want with Twitter Pro that’s slated to be released by the end of 2009.

  1. Analytics (clicks, retweets, follows, unfollows, mindshare, my network view, stickiness of my content)
  2. Reports (on-demand reports that allow me to export those analytics that Twitter is tracking)
  3. Ad-Free. Supposedly Twitter will neve have ads but I’d like my pro account to filter out all ads
  4. Extended Direct Message lengths. Extend it to 250 characters.
  5. Improved “Find People” features
  6. Spam filters (auto-DMs, Auto-follows & auto-replies are filtered out based on timing and tone of the tweets)
  7. File transfer over Public or Direct Messages. Small under 1 megabyte images or audio files)
  8. Groups (I will never use it but I might as well include it)
  9. Data Portability (Twitter is a member of DataPortability but they hold your tweets hostage. No more!)
  10. 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  11. Improved Speed (pro users are on more powerful servers)
  12. Ability to see conversations on (technology is there. it’s only used on
  13. Twitter Store (Apparel, Shirts, Hats, Stickers)
  14. Unlimited API Calls, Tweets, Direct Messages and Followers Per Hour (Too many limits now)
  15. Better analysis of new followers (just like FriendFeed does)
  16. Integration with TwitVite
  17. Integration with TweetMic
  18. Integration with TwitPic
  19. Integration with YFrog
  20. Integration with Twiddeo
  21. Integration with Zannel
  22. 6 Hour Response time to Support Inquiries (Premiere-Ticketing System)

Before you comment with something snarky, I’d like to say that any 5 of these features would do it for me but if all of these features were available, I’d pay….

$99 a month

That’s right. I would give Twitter $1200 a year if all of these features were enabled and the site was faster. A Pipe dream? Of course but I’ll settle for 5 of these for a cool $49 a year.