Before we begin, thanks ShopDap for posting the Golf R and GTI Service Schedules. Check those links out before continuing. I wanted to do a service to the community by posting a guide on each service interval and what you’ll need to do it yourself. 

Here are links to parts you’ll need for every single service interval:

  • Oil Funnel:
  • Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus: (not needed if you use a jack stand or ramps)
  • Shop Towels:
  • T25 Hex Bits for the Air Intake Box:  OR 
  • Oil Filter Housing Socket:
  • Jack Stands: OR Ramp: 
  • Aluminum Floor Jack:

You need these every 10K miles because that’s when you change the oil

Before we get started, if you’re maintaining your own vehicle, join MyCarFax. Dealers will update your CarFax with maintenance performed. You’ll have to do this yourself and you can enter the mileage, work performed and be as basic or extensive as you’d like. I have an account. It’s great and helps me keep track of service as well with reminders on when things are due.

10,000 Miles:

20,000 Miles:

30,000 Miles: 

40,000 Miles

50,000 Miles: 

60,000 Miles:

70,000 Miles:

80,000 Miles: 

90,000 Miles:

100,000 Miles:

Brake Fluid Flush: First after 3 years then every 2 years after that. 

Completely change your Brake Pads & Rotors on Front & Rear: (as needed)

  • Front: (link to tools and parts in description of YT Video)
  • Rear: (description has every tool / part you’re going to need)

Keep in mind, if you plan on driving your GTI or Golf R spiritedly, these service intervals will shift. It’s not a bad idea to even half these intervals if you drive like a maniac with lots of track days. I did my 40K mile maintenance at 20K miles which adds to my total cost of ownership. If you use this as a commuter car, follow the maintenance intervals and you’ll have a great experience and long time ownership of the car.