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Adam Chandler

I've been watching Atlanta lately. Started last week. Shows with great writing and even better art direction pull me in. When a shot is just so captivating, so well thought that it makes me forget about the weaker parts of the scene, I have to play it back and I do that in Atlanta a lot. I also love how the show follows 'day in the life' of a single character that builds up their world-view but without focusing on episodes as linked in a linear way. Atlanta seems to be closer to mini-docu-series around a set of characters and jumps around in various stages of their life. In researching more about the head writer, I learn this guy Donald has been working on things that I've enjoyed for years. I enjoy his music (just started listening today) but also his writing and EP work goes back 10 years. I've been a fan of this guy before I even knew who he was.