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Adam Chandler

I find a nice motorcycle to buy and fix up for Heather. I commit to buy it. Get insurance started, rent a trailer, spend 8 hours researching maintenance items and getting a shopping list ready of things to grab to check on maintenance, reach out to a wheel shop to repair the bent front wheel, call BMW to setup a pre-purchase inspection and agree to meet the seller this weekend just waiting on him to get back to me with a time.

I email at 11AM (12 hours after we last spoke) "what time do you want to meet Saturday?" 4 hours later "The bike is sold. Thanks"

It took a lot of self-control to remain professional. Considering I emailed him 19 minutes after his listing was live and spent 8+ hours of my own time lining everything up to buy it.

If you bought WB1040607T04 in 2018 from a guy in NY. I hope the bike treats you well. I would have liked to give it to my sister next year for her trip to Alaska. would have been a great graduation gift. enjoy.