via Six Colors:

But that Apple Watch was on my wrist, and as a result, I was able to answer calls and reply to texts (we had eight people and three cars, so there was a lot of coordinating going on) without needing to dig my phone out of the bag. It was pretty great. I realize that some people will view this as a negative—didn’t I want to be entirely cut off from communication when I was on the beach?—but honestly, I didn’t mind. I was more relieved to know that I could respond quickly to someone without checking my phone. It helped, rather than hindered, my relaxation.

I’ve written here a few times. Don’t trust reviews from bloggers who work from home when it comes to fitness, sports or active devices. The Apple Watch succeeds when I leave my office, not when I’m there. I sit in front of two 4K monitors at work with an iPad and iPhone docked within reach. I don’t need my Apple Watch then but traveling, driving, walking, in meetings, it’s amazing. I’m always connected and never out of pocket.

It takes bloggers going on a vacation to realize just how amazing this piece of tech is.