“Designed by Apple”

I could watch this video every day. I do tend to watch it every week. It’s my favorite video produced by this company and can easily be applied to any task even if that has nothing to do with technology.  I know a lot of very proud Apple employees and this video embodies everything they …

★ Video 1: Building Your Business Around Twitter

My unnamed series of videos starts TODAY! I’m not naming this series and I’m not going to write huge blog posts accompanying these videos. I’m simply going to talk into my notebook webcam, encode the video (no editing) and push it to Viddler. We’ll see how this infrequent video blog goes.

★ Videos: Starting Next Week

I have been extremely fortunate to be invited time and again to conferences, meet ups and other groups as a speaker or panelist. It’s occurred to me that I really enjoy it so I’m committing to growing that and doing more speaking engagements very soon. Anyone can write a blog post or record a podcast. …