Travel: Christmas in Florida in Photos

There’s so much to write lately but my carpal tunnel these days is keeping me from writing much after a long day of writing for a living. I’ll have to let photos tell you about my trip: Got home and used Christmas money from family to purchase a snow-blower! 

Photography: 24 Hours in New York City

On December 2nd, I took a day trip down to NYC to attend the Progressive International Motorcycle Show and stay the evening in Brooklyn. While the only regrettable moment was fighting crowds to see a huge rotting spruce tree lit up in Rockefeller Center, it was a great time. I couldn’t live in New York …

Photography: Bermuda, August 2016

*Before we start this post, I have noticed I have the start of carpal tunnel so my ability to write long posts has been hugely impacted over the last few weeks. I have a few posts in the pipeline that I can’t finish because of wrist pain. I’m trying my best to work through them* …