Photography: Porter, 2 years old

It was nearly 0 degrees outside but Porter turned 2 so we went to the dog park and threw the ball around. Technically, he’s Heather’s dog and we’re not sure what breed he is but he’s very well trained, exceptionally so without being a show dog. He’s a very good weight for his age and …

Travel: Christmas in Florida in Photos

There’s so much to write lately but my carpal tunnel these days is keeping me from writing much after a long day of writing for a living. I’ll have to let photos tell you about my trip: Got home and used Christmas money from family to purchase a snow-blower! 

Photography: 24 Hours in New York City

On December 2nd, I took a day trip down to NYC to attend the Progressive International Motorcycle Show and stay the evening in Brooklyn. While the only regrettable moment was fighting crowds to see a huge rotting spruce tree lit up in Rockefeller Center, it was a great time. I couldn’t live in New York …