Once again, I’ve been reading a lot without the time to link here properly. Here are a few things I read and enjoyed that I believe are worth sharing:

As you can see, I’ve been busy and these are just the stories I thought worth linking to…there are a few more but I added notes / highlights to these and I’ll link to them with the quoted portions below I found most interesting:

Bourdain Confidential

I think Trump’s going down for the money. Collusion is tricky to prove, it’s the money. And once they get too close, in my view he will declare victory, congratulate himself on the fantastic job he’s done and resign, saying the job is too small for him. Just what he did in Atlantic City! I got mine, big success for me, and leave behind a shambles.

Americans Aren’t Practicing Democracy Anymore

But the United States is no longer a nation of joiners. As the political scientist Robert Putnam famously demonstrated in Bowling Alone, participation in civic groups and organizations of all kinds declined precipitously in the last decades of the 20th century. The trend has, if anything, accelerated since then; one study found that from 1994 to 2004, membership in such groups fell by 21 percent. And even that likely understates the real decline, as a slight uptick in passive memberships has masked a steeper fall in attendance and participation. The United States is no longer a nation of presidents, either. In a 2010 census survey, just 11 percent of respondents said that they had served as an officer or been on a committee of any group or organization in the previous year.

The Secret History of Outkast’s ‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below:’ the Last Truly Great Double Album

Cee-Lo Green: They don’t make physical copies of physical CDs anymore. So basically, streaming is just like, “We like this a lot” It’s like analytics. I don’t know what else actually did Diamond or better. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below will probably be one of the last albums in history that will have moved physically over 10 million copies. That ain’t never gonna happen again.

2018 iPad Pro review: “What’s a computer?”

But if you’re not thinking about that one thing that would be a delight to do on this hardware instead of your laptop, there probably isn’t one for you. For you, it’s just a really cool toy, or at least an astonishing feat of engineering. That’s because the new iPad Pro works beautifully for some specialized tasks, but it does not work as an all-around, cohesive professional computing system.

The thing is, that shouldn’t have to be the case. The limitations come down to two things: iOS is designed for a very different relationship with the user (even on the iPad), and there just aren’t enough pro apps on the platform that are as powerful as they are in macOS or Windows.

When the Internet Archive Forgets

As Bridy notes, in the United States, copyright is “a commercial right.” It’s not about reputational harm, it’s about protecting the value of a work and, more specifically, the ability to continuously make money off of it. “The reason we give it is we want artists and creative people to have an incentive to publish and market their work,” she said. “Using copyright as a way of trying to control privacy or reputation … it can be used that way, but you might argue that’s copyright misuse, you might argue it falls outside of the ambit of why we have copyright.”