Here’s last year’s. I’m always reminded to do this when MG puts up his post. His consistence keeps me doing this year after year. As for my changes over the last year, I took a few things up which resulted in this change

  • Permanent move to 1Password
  • More concern over my privacy with the use of a full time VPN on all of my devices
  • HomeKit playing a larger role in my life
  • Weather apps no longer run my life. I just ask Siri for this information
  • I cancelled my Acrons account with their constant spam emails I could never get rid of and constant increasing of fees
  • I finally ditched Alien Blue (RIP) for Apollo
  • I eliminated Fuelly’s dedicated iOS apps that are now full of ads and I now use their Web-App instead
  • Not much else has changed. I have way less iOS apps and have stopped using folders.