Apple’s Newsroom posted this story – 

In it:

“In the pure-play photography race, though, Apple takes the lead. Its Smart HDR uses sensor, ISP and neural engine enhancements to capture some of the best high-dynamic range photos I’ve ever seen.”

This is a link to this post – from Lance Ulanoff. I LOVE that Apple by-lined the article as “Medium” as the publisher as opposed to lance Ullanof. Medium didn’t do anything but prop up a free CMS for Lance but instead of him getting editorial credit, Medium did because that’s how it should be. He chose to post a well written review to a site that doesn’t value his content or voice and will throw it away once they go under because they are a centralized network who is not yet profitable. 

It reinforces a tactic I’ve been running here for a while where I link to things and clearly indicate they are blogs posted on Medium so when Medium goes under, I can quickly scrub the post from this blog since the link itself will be dead. Here’s the list fo posts –