On July 12th, I spent $3600 on a new MacBook Pro 15” Core i9 which is very expensive, a full $1000 more than I’ve spent on any previous Mac Portable and the machine is fantastic. I stick with Apple because of the operating system, Unix / FreeBSD and security & privacy they build in to every hardware and software project. I wish this machine was cheaper but it’s not.

On Friday, September 14th, I’ll be logging on to Apple.com to order a Space Black Stainless steel Series 4 Apple Watch likely for $549 plus $49 for AppleCare. My series 2 Apple Watch continues to get all day battery life but the speed of this watch continues to drive me a bit mad with speed issues and the Siri response is very slow..so slow I just end up using my iPhone’s Hey Siri command to invoke HomeKit requests

A week later, I’ll plunk down $900 for an iPhone 10 S likely at 128GB of storage as my iPhone 8 Plus with 256GB of storage is overkill for my needs. 

At some point in October, there will be an iPad Pro 10-11” purchase. I recently sold my first generation 128GB Rose Gold iPad Pro 9.7” for $400 and having skipped the 10.5” model, I’m ready for an upgrade. I’m hoping the next iPad has FaceID to make the iPhone 10 S upgrade less painful and if it has a faster processor, even better.

That’s it for Apple purchases this year. I will likely start saving up again to replace my iMac 27” (Late 2015) around this time in 2019. I need to make the jump to SSD and while the machine is powerful, it’s held up by incredibly slow I/O.


iPhone Excess 256GB + Apple Watch Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop at 44mm

Very satisfied with both updates.I’m not convinced I need a new iPhone. Seems an excessive price with very few features I’ll need and FaceID doesn’t work with my motorcycle helmet so it’s a step back in functionality for me versus TouchID. The only upgrade reason for me would be the low-light and HDR video recording functionality.