Alex Jones Said Bans Would Strengthen Him. He Was Wrong. – The New York Times:

In the three weeks before the Aug. 6 bans, Infowars had a daily average of nearly 1.4 million visits to its website and views of videos posted by its main YouTube and Facebook pages, according to a New York Times analysis of data from the web data firms Tubular Labs and SimilarWeb. In the three weeks afterward, its audience fell by roughly half, to about 715,000 site visits and video views, according to the analysis.

For starters, data-analytics firms aren’t always accurate. Only the server logs of Jones’ web server will show the real figures but the numbers are so massive that it’s clear he did suffer a drop. 

Web-traffic comes from 3 places outside of Google Search & Direct Visits

  • Social
  • RSS
  • Newsletters

If Google drops Jones’ page rank and social media sites remove his properties, he’s relying on direct traffic and that of newsletter people because let’s face it, RSS to everyone but techies is dead. 

Back to the point of my linking to this, it goes to show that in 2018, if you don’t have a social media presence, your site is basically non-existent. Half of my blog’s readers come from Google to the 25 or so posts that are how to or informative and a search query brings them direct to that post. 90 seconds later they leave and never come back. 

The other half of you are RSS/Direct and I thank you all for remembering me :)