WordPress.com Boots Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Sites, Bans Malicious Publication of Unauthorized Images of Minors – WordPress Tavern:

The site in question (fellowshipofminds.com) appears to have been removed, along with an interim site the author created following the first suspension. A number of other related sites have also recently been removed. These events are outlined in a post on memoryholeblog.org, a site maintained by James F. Tracy, a former professor of journalism and media who became known for his research questioning the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and Boston Marathon bombing. Tracy’s blog was also removed from WordPress.com in 2016 for violation of Automattic’s Terms of Service.

You’re putting things on someone else’s server. You’re free to say what you want online that isn’t illegal but you have to do it on your own server that you own co-located. Even I rent a server that is someone else’s. I literally have to purchase one and put it in a place I own to not be censored. Putting something on WordPress’ servers is always going to end this way when you have an unpopular thought or opinion.