Apple Revamps App Store Guidelines, Sets New Rules for Remote Mirroring Apps Like Steam Link – Mac Rumors:

A new rule, 2.3.12, states that all apps are required to “clearly describe” new features and product changes in their “What’s New” text. Apps can continue to use generic descriptions for bug fixes, security updates, and performance improvements, but anything more significant must be listed in the notes.

!!!!!!!! Quite possibly the best thing out of Apple this week. I’m pretty tired of leaving 1-star reviews to Application updates on the iOS App Store citing lazy developers who don’t give a shit about their users. A handful of times last year, “Bug Fixes” equaled a complete redesign of the app with ads, forcing me to download their new app, removing a feature I relied on or switching to a subscription model all without telling me just a lazy “bug fixes” note. 

MOST users don’t care but that doesn’t mean a proper ChangeLOG isn’t important.