On 3/22 yours truly:

“As far as the list of mods, I NEED to document this but it’s massive. Maybe I’ll document ones I can remember now from Memory? No, It’s 8PM and I need to make dinner and finish packing. Thanks so much for reading. Stay tuned”

A person who watches my videos on YouTube asked me to document my list of modifications (farkles). This list is still dynamic because some of these things I may sell soon or simply throw away. Every modification serves a purpose. If it doesn’t, it’s dead weight and I throw it out. Everything listed below I did my best to put up the accurate price as of today (April 2018) but that could change and each item usually has a video I made to accompany the modification with a simple review or install guide. Thanks for checking this out I hope it’s helpful to others thinking of modifications.

Touring Modifications: 

Off-Road / Adventure Riding Modifications: 

Tools None of these will get me to cancel my roadside assistance through BMWMOA. Nothing beats a tow when you can get one if you are in a situation where it’s a tow truck and a night in a hotel versus making the situation worse by wrenching on a part of the bike you have no business wrenching on:

Long Term modifications (within 24 months):

Finally, I made this video showing all of the current modifications to the bike:



…and for those curious, these are full retail prices. I didn’t disclose here any times I saved money by using a coupon or buying used from someone online or on eBay. Shop around and you may find a better price. MSRP on everything? It’s a lot. You can get all of this for under retail if you can put in the time. ADVRider Classifieds are your friend.