I spent one hour with Mark Zuckerberg and here’s everything I learned about user data, elections, fake news, and the future of Facebook | LinkedIn:

That’s the title Brian gave his post on LinkedIn. I read the headline, saw the author and thought “I know Brian is a big-wig but a one on one interview with Mark? Wow” I didn’t click it and went to Brian’s blog as I don’t like LinkedIN to know what I read or click on. Here’s the original blog post copied word for word to Brian’s LinkedIN page: “If You Had One Hour With Mark Zuckerberg, What Would You Ask? Here’s What I Learned About The State And Future Of Facebook, Data, Politics And Bad Actors

Same content, completely different headline. What really happened is Brian was dialed into a tele-cast taking notes. The article itself is well done. Why Brian had to use a click-bait headline like this…I really think he’s better than that but maybe not? I reported it on LinkedIN as misleading. LinkedIN won’t do anything about it but spending an hour with Mark person to person and being on a phone with 250 other members of the press are completely different things. C’mon Brian. You really are better than to stoop to click-bait like this. I did read your post. It was really good. 

Edit: I should add, I also spent an hour with Mark and his then girlfriend at the 2008 and 2009 Crunchies. We sat next to each other in 2008 and had a few good back and forth jokes and fun. Good memories. Mark has certainly come a long way since then :)