Curation –

Feeling dispassionate about my experiences on Twitter, I decided to spend some time curating it. Like an overgrown garden, I needed to cut back the branches and pull out some weeds.

I mute keywords. I mute some people. I turn off retweets. (People often retweet different content than they produce.) I switched to Tweetbot from the native Twitter experience to help facilitate some of these changes.

On Facebook, I realized that I don’t have the same ability to curate. All I can do is tell it to show me less of “posts like this” and hope it figures out what I meant by that.

These days, I’ve curated so much that I don’t see anyone’s content. I hope to one day understand why..maybe 10 years from now I’ll understand? Starting in 2012, I began pulling back from social networks and isolating myself from negative comments and then further to the point where it’s just me and this blog now.