Pepsi Buys 100 Tesla Trucks: Do They ‘Have the Right One, Baby?’:

Pepsi Buys 100 Tesla Trucks

I’ve read at least 5 articles about a Fortune 500 company committing to buy a Tesla big-rig when/if they finally start shipping. Pepsi buying 100 trucks is akin to me buying a single experimental M&M out of a king size bag of some weird flavor. 100 trucks is nothing. Heck 1,000 is still nothing.

1. PepsiCo: In 2015, PepsiCo topped Transport Topics’ list of largest fleets for the second year in a row. The soda maker deployed more than 8,000 tractors, nearly 12,000 trailers and nearly 15,000 straight trucks in operating the largest truck fleet in the world.


These articles benefit Tesla solely but they are earning these companies millions in free-PR.