Lexus partners with Black Panther to drive sales:

The partnership between Lexus and Marvel didn’t stop at the premiere. The luxury car company scored a production placement deal in the actual film, with the Lexus LC 500 (starts at $92,000) appearing as one of the superhero’s tools to fight off enemies. In the film, the exterior of the car is made from bulletproof Wakandan Vibranium, and the side mirrors are decorated with panther claws.

In addition to the movie, Lexus has also released a 60-second extended version of its 30-second Super Bowl spot, which features Boseman – as both Black Panther and his alter ego King T’Challa – riding atop the LC 500, and driving around in the LS 500 F Sport. This year Super Bowl spots are going for $5 million for a 30-second spot.

Aside from not using any social networks that won’t take my money for an ad and tracker free experience, I have also opted out of AAA movies and video games that have nerve to charge me money and still make me watch advertisements. I’m okay with not being a part of modern culture if I don’t have see adverts and trust me, I live all day every day with seeing far less ads than most people and I’m very proud of that.