via Six Colors:

The big challenge has been iOS’s sad and continued lack of support for external storage devices. When I’m traveling with only my iPhone and iPad, I can record audio on an external device—an SD-card recorder from Zoom, usually—but how do I get those files onto my iOS device? iOS can’t see the contents of a standard SD card.

John Gruber:

This sounds like a cool gadget, and a clever workaround for a tricky iOS limitation. But when I read stories like this, I can’t help but think about how easy this is on a Mac.

When I go on week long motorcycle trips, a MacBook Pro + Bus-Powered 1 Terabyte HDD is valuable space that and the vibrations of a bike can do a lot of damage to the moving parts in these devices. There are portable drives for filmmakers that cost thousands that can read an SD / CF card and move all media over to a drive for me but for what they cost, i could buy a MacBook Air + external drive. 

My point is, when I capture a lot of video on my GoPro, Lumix, 5D and fill up six, 256GB cards by my 5th day on the road, I’m stuck where I can’t shoot anymore. 4K video files are huge and there’s no compact way to get things off of those cards. Not even two 256GB iOS devices can save me. I truly don’t know any other way and if one exists that doesn’t cost $2,000, let me know.