via Medium:

As is evident, most (87%) users of Untappd use the app as a personal beer log. However, one of the interesting insights is that double the people use the app to check a beer’s rating than see what their friends are drinking (8% versus 4%). Interesting for an app that is supposed to be a social network.

Untappd is the most un-social social network in existence.

Millions of users with on average only 30 friends and mostly just use it to catalogue what they’re drinking and not interact with others. I have 350 Untappd Friends for which I never sent a single friend request and I don’t look at anything they are drinking. It’s how I use Instagram as well. I’d prefer people just went to my RateBeer or Flickr pages but they don’t so I use these services but I’m not a part of those communities. Seems I’m not alone for the first time in my life in regards to social dynamics and how it blends with technology.