via Churbuck:

The ThinkPad however….where to begin in my reverence for those black rubberized rectangles with the red mouse pointer embedded in the middle of the keyboard? Is it just that their keyboards are so sublime, so tactile, so responsive that it’s no wonder the ThinkPad became the standard tool for professional writers just as the Leica M was de rigeur for war photographers? Is it the meaty heft of the total package? A feeling of invulnerability that with it’s magnesium roll cage and hard edges that it would be the weapon of choice if one had to charge the cockpit against a mob of hijackers?

I have had the privilege of using a ThinkPad on a few occasions. These notebooks are AMAZING. The pinnacle of Windows Notebooks built for reliability, usability and overall creature comforts. I have no idea if Lenovo has kept the tradition up but there was a time when I think Sony’s high-end Vaio line was certainly better for multi-media creators but the ThinkPad owned the jet-set corporate finance crowd and rightfully so. If Apple didn’t exist, I’d have a ThinkPad for work and a Sony for home…that is if Sony still makes great computers?