via Medium:

“I don’t know how he’s done this,” She says dabbing tears from her eyes, “but Jony’s created a gradient from C0 M0 Y0 K0 to R255 G255 B255.”

“Fuck does that mean? So this is the correct image? There’s a colour? A gradient?”

“No!” the Art Director is shaking her head but still laughing, “They’re both white! The gradient is from RGB white to CMYK white! There’s no colour change other than the digital information. It’s genius! Jony Ive is a genius! Oh my god the lads down at the print house won’t know what hit them.”

“Incredible.” The editor says with conviction, pretending she knows what the fuck is going on.

I think some ‘geniuses’ just do this to screw with people. Hoping someone will reply back that this was ‘phoned in’ or ‘lazy’ but instead, they let the geniuses get away with this. If I sent this to my boss, I’d be reprimanded but, then again, I’m not a genius.