via PublicIntegrity:

$67,867: Amount Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign earned renting out information about its supporters.

$146,425: Amount Fiorina’s presidential campaign transferred to a pro-Fiorina super PAC.

$700: Amount the campaign of Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, spent to rent a hay bale. That’s a lot less than the $14,500 her campaign had to pay the FEC to settle a recent election law violation case.

14: Number of municipal governments and public safety agencies Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign committee paid to settle disputed debts stemming from Sanders campaign rallies. Sanders’ committee, as of Sept. 30, still owed nine more municipalities or agencies a combined $305,103, and a Sanders spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment. The presidential campaigns of Trump and Clinton also continue to dodge numerous police protection bills. But unlike Sanders’ campaign, Trump and Clinton don’t acknowledge owing the money despite protestations from their municipal and law enforcement creditors.

Follow the money.