via Hodinkee:

Apple Watch Series 3, Edition or not, is the watch we’ve been waiting for from Apple. As mentioned, the cellular capabilities alone elevate this product from a niche peripheral to something that could become instrumental to millions of people’s daily lives. The setup above, Series 3 with cellular and one AirPod, I expect to become almost indispensable to many, just as it has been for me this last week. The Edition, an admittedly pricey option for an object that will likely become obsolete in 18 months, is silly when viewed that way, but lovely when viewed for what it is – an expertly produced and stunning piece of industrial design that gives fine watchmakers a run for their money. It’s so beautiful and so complex to produce that it makes me wonder if this watch is simply a beta test for larger projects with ceramic to come. It must be. Because though Apple is indeed the ultimate luxury brand – and it’s becoming more “luxury” each year – I’d be curious to see how big demand for a $1,349 semi-disposable watch really is. That’s not to say the Edition doesn’t have a place, it definitely does, and frankly it is with people just like me, but I’m talking bigger picture here. It is lovely, and to me far more interesting than a traditional steel Apple Watch – but I recognize the absurdity in it for the average person looking in. It is, of course the same absurdity through which the entire mechanical watch world is viewed daily. That said, sometimes want is a far stronger desire than need and the Edition will find its fans, surely.

Easily the best part of this review and one that most related to me. I won’t be purchasing an Apple Watch Series 3 but if I did, it would be the Grey Ceramic Edition. I have bought a Series 0 and Series 2 at a cost of $599 each for the Space Black Stainless Steel. When you include $500 for the link bracelet, $149 for the Milanese and $150 on two Sport Bands + one Nylon band, I’ve spent $2,000 on owning two Apple Watches and this is more than I’ve spent on watches the previous 30 years of my life in just 2 years.

I’ve come to realize that Apple Watch is an annual upgrade and the nicer materials cost around the price of a new iPhone. It means every 3 years, I could buy a new MacBook Pro, something I use 8+ hours a day or have the latest Apple Watch on my wrist, a device that supplements the already weak value add an iPhone gives me over a computer.

If I were a rich man, I’d buy a Apple Watch Edition every year along with a few bands. I think $1300 for an all ceramic Apple Watch with a sapphire front & back is an incredible value over mechanical ceramic watches. It’s lightweight and gorgeous and very strong. I would never willingly choose to buy an Apple Watch Aluminum because I find these watches look cheap despite being on par technically to the Stainless Steel & Ceramic models.

This is a personal choice but when you compound the fact that most normal people will never recognize the red-dot or that you spent $1300 versus $299 (ceramic over sport), it’s a selfish purchase, not a fashion symbol outside of tech circles. Some people buy iPhones because they’re cool and Apple Watch hasn’t had that same outcome. No one seems to notice the materials.

I would miss the heft of the Stainless Steel. I like the weight.