So here I am. I’ve moved all my Medium posts to (and selected the plan to use my own domain). There are several reasons why I’ve opted for this (which might be coming odd for some of you), but the number one reason was that I didn’t wanted to manage anything about my blog. I know things like hugo, jekyll, etc.. is super easy to setup, work great and are highly customizable, but they have their own tradeoffs as well (asset management, commenting, etc…). WordPress just works. It’s simple and and they have years of experience running a profitable blogging business. Plus I like the company (hint: Automattic) behind WordPress 

Scomma Comments:

I wonder how, in your view, WordPress’ composer stacks up against Medium’s foolproof wysiwyg editor. Traditional blogging platforms always strike me as too powerful for their own good, while Medium is liberating because it forces you to focus on the content.

I use MarsEdit / Ulysses to write and then post to WordPress. I can’t right inside of a browser. It feels odd to write with an address bar & refresh button in the browser. Anything longer than a paragraph I write in a real text editor like BBEdit or the others named and then copy over the plain-text for formatting.