via Cult of Mac (Blogspot):

I don’t think I’ve ever stumbled through an interview like that in my life. I was so nervous, and all the waiting and panicking in general didn’t add much placidity to my state of mind. Working for Apple is a dream for me, and all I could do was crack jokes. Nervous habit. Rely on your humor, Dan. Except I had nothing to offer this time. The jokes weren’t even top notch. I mean, I swear I think I even tried bribing them with free Super Bowl tickets. I can’t remember if they even cracked a smile at that one. Not that I didn’t make them laugh at all.. I’m a funny guy, but I think I came off more… I don’t know.. strung out/hyper/rush this guy some methadone, than say, congenial. Likeable. Hirable. At least I remembered to put my resume/app/release in a folder. Which reminds me of an exchange I had with Amy that went something like this: 

Linking to this one for posterity. Dan reported to me at Apple. Never knew he had this blog or wrote this all down.