With all of the recent news about a rumor of 1Password going subscription for their applications, I wanted to see if I’m still using the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. I am. Lightroom 6 is still the current version and I receive quarterly updates as long as I remember to launch Creative Cloud and check for updates as I don’t allow Creative Cloud to run at start since it uses a lot more resources than it should for an app updater.

I looked at my Amazon History. I paid $144 for Lightroom 6 standalone in May of 2015. On a monthly basis, I’ve spent $5.50 a month to own Lightroom and if it’s ever updated to version 7, I could continue to run version 6 for the next decade as it suits my needs.

If I had spent $10 a month on Adobe Creative Cloud photographers, I’d have Photoshop which I never use and will have spent $260 for the same software. Subscriptions seem good but they cost you more money in the long-run.