if there was a way to go back in time and talk to my younger self. I’d caution around the risk of making your living hunched over a laptop in a cramped cafe without any thought toward ergonomics. I’d caution around the results of being 30 years old and making your living writing text on a keyboard 8 hours a day and how this will hurt your life outside of work. Riding my motorcycle is brutal, taking my car to the track is an evening of ice on the wrist. I’ve stopped playing video games entirely and I can’t lift or move anything heavy without needing a full day of rest the next morning. 

My blog has suffered and while I’m still able to express myself on YouTube, it’s not my preferred medium. I make $55 a month on YouTube. It’s really easy to setup a tripod, do 30 minutes of edits and bring in cash contributing to Google’s vast array of media. Yet, I live to write. 

Basically, my weekends are my down-time where I’m forced to lounge around or take walks and essentially not use my right and at all so that I can go to work on Monday without pain and able to get work done. My evenings are more of the same. I have 20 or so games, ones I really want to play and I started playing Forza 2 weeks ago. I lasted about 30 minutes. My wrist in pain, my fingers numb unable to continue I put down the remote and put on a movie.

I don’t have a shortage of television shows or movies to watch thanks to Plex+Synology but I enjoyed once a week firing up a simulation game like Tropico or Sim City and racing on Friday nights and playing shooter games on Sundays or spending an hour every day after work writing and now, I can’t do that. I do think I need to seriously consider annotation / voice over software but it’s just a temporary fix. As my wrist gets worse, I will have to deal with this pain.

Take care of your tendons. Overuse and repetitive injuries even from sitting in a cubicle is real. 

I’m sorry I can’t blog as much as I used to. I have so much to share.