I bought an Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP Observer station that works with Weather Underground. I had to add on the Ambient Weather EZ-30-12 Stable Mounting Kit as well as the Ambient Weather EZ-125-35M 35” Mast Extension so the station would go far enough above the roof for an accurate reading. This is essentially the most basic kit for amateurs but I wanted to start small and maybe in a year, upgrade to a more serious weather monitoring platform. I also want to eventually add-on the webcam for this so I can broadcast lake conditions on Wunderground and my blog.

Setup was pretty easy. Find a spot where I could mount the kit and buy an extra long ladder (which I needed anyway for clearing off the solar panels) and go to town!

Here’s the finished install. I can’t set it up until I get my network live at the house for uploading the Wunderground: