I’ve been a lover of hot-sauce for a very long time but generally I grab 2-3 things off the shelf at the grocery and when those run out, I grab more. I started keeping Sriracha and Tapatio at my desk at work and over the last 6 months, I put hot sauce on everything. I thought it was finally time to branch away from the grocery store sauces so I put two orders in at HotSauce.com and TheHotSuaceStop.com.

They arrived a few days later:

I’ve tried all of these and there are only two disappointments. The Raspberry Tabasco has high fructose corn syrup in it which makes me think that the online shops should print all ingredients for each listing. Second, the Bite Me! Lime-cilantro isn’t really a sauce, it’s more like a juice, a very mild like 1/10 hot sauce where you could basically dip tortilla chips in it without any burn.