I’m not made of money and while I’d love to own a Series 2 Ceramic Apple Watch Edition or Space Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet (I own the Series 1 SS Link in Space Black today), I’m looking on eBay and my feeling is mixed.

New, and sealed in box, the $1099 Apple Watch I bought in May of last year is selling for $700 on average. Used, they are selling for only $420-$550. This is technology. That’s how the world works, why complain?

Well, since my first iBook in 2001 that I bought outright, I’ve only faced at 25% depreciation on Apple hardware at the most. I usually buy a computer for 2 grand and lose $500 selling it after ownership for 3 years. My iPhones I usually will make back 80% of what I paid after a year and 75% after 2 years.

The Apple Watch however, despite being announced 2 years ago, didn’t go on sale until May of 2015. I received mine at the end of May so in 14 months, I’ve suffered a 50% depreciation on my device. To sell it for $500, pay another 10% in miscellaneous fees and shipping only to turn around and spend $1100 for the latest and greatest feels like a stretch for me.

This could be the first time I bow out of upgrading on a yearly basis for an Apple device. On the other hand, my depreciation will become even more severe if I wait until next Fall to upgrade. I’d pay less over 3 years skipping a generation but would be stuck with the Series 1 Apple Watch another year selling it possibly for only $200 then.

On another note, the Ceramic edition in all white with an all white band would look great in contrast with my new jet-black iPhone 7.