via Sun Journal:

After hearing students and teachers overwhelmingly say iPad computers are used to play games in class, while laptops are better for schoolwork, Auburn and other districts are sending iPads packing and returning to laptops.

This was passed around as a sign that the iPad is a failure. I couldn’t disagree more. The iPad has secured its place in the computing world for millions of people. I use mine every day, multiple times of day. However, I’m not surprised that students prefer laptops. I think the statement that Laptops are better for schoolwork is incorrect. Tablets & notebooks are each different and their strengths are different. There’s a reason I use my laptop all day to do 99% of the text input and research. The iPad serves a different purpose.

If you were to say I could only pick one device between a TV, Phone, Tablet or Notebook, I’d pick notebook every time. I think that’s what we’re seeing in education.