Heather and I have decided to start a themed cooking night. On Friday night, every 2 weeks except when we’re traveling, we’ll make recipes of a specific country or style. The first evening was Spanish and I tried to cover the gamut. I was in charge of Flan + Paella and she took on potato salad (pipirrana), Sangria and Empanada.

First up, we made this Sangria recipe using Armagnac instead of a standard cheap brandy. It also gave us both something to sip on while we cooked. My one critique is that I’d skip the lemon concentrate next time. it gave me a pretty bad throat ache.

Next up is the Paella. I didn’t add shrimp and instead did chicken + chorizo for the meats. This was the best dish by far. Really exceptional. Here’s the recipe. I also made a Malaguena Lemon and Dill Vinaigrette which I’ll continue making to top chicken recipes because it was exceptional. The fresh dill made this awesome. I didn’t take photos of that process though.

Next up, Heather made Pipirrana using this recipe. It’s served cold, the egg was weird and the olives made it even weirder. I frankly did not like this recipe at all. Would not repeat, don’t attempt.

Heather’s Empanadas were awesome. We stuffed them with raspberry jam and coated in cinnamon sugar. Here’s the recipe. Would crush these daily if I could put up with the calories.

Finally, my first attempt at flan in a very long time. I didn’t let it cool overnight which is why it did not come out looking beautiful but the taste was spot on. I love this stuff. Addicting yet there’s so much sugar. Here’s the recipe I followed.