I picked these up yesterday and already, they’re growing on me but I’m still partial to the LunarGlide product line. The Air Max is a line of shoes I haven’t bought into in a very long time. The air pockets when i was a kid always busted and stopped holding air and felt very squishy and started lacking support. The color and ‘hemp-like’ look of the fabric is gorgeous and the use of FlyWire which is making its way through every facet of Nike’s Running Shoes adds a lot of support to their shoes which have less and less fabric on top and around your feet. In an effort to make things lighter, shows are losing a lot of support and fly wire is a way to still have support in almost no fabric at all.

Comfortable, not too light and it makes me an inch taller than most other running shoes. It’s  nice shoe. Looks like this was priced @ $250 at release but I found a pair for $139 so I’m certainly happy with the savings.